Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Letter to Congress about Turbines and Renewable Energy

Dear Representative Bill Keating,

Our state should focus on tidal energy instead of wind energy.  Tidal energy has the potential to provide far more energy than wind energy.  Just as we have wind turbines, so to could we have tidal turbines underwater cranking from the ebb and flow of the tides, producing massive amounts of power.  If we used screening/netting to keep them out, this would not endanger creatures such as marine mammals and fish.


Craig Hamilton

Monday, December 15, 2014

On Fracking, Freemarkets & Environmental Danger: A Letter

We only get one planet.  It is up to us, as humans, the one species that has both done the most ecological damage, but is also capable of better stewardship, to take care of it.
Please, I implore Congress that fracking is not in our best interest.  Fracking is damaging to the environment.  It is not just peoples' imaginations getting the best of them.  The future is in renewable energy.  That is where we should put our money.
There is no amount of regulation that can make fracking safe!  It is time to stop this practice.
What good is free market capitalism if it precludes our ability to enjoy the environmental sanctity?
God bless,
Craig Hamilton

Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Playground, and The CIA's Use of Torture for Interrogations

The belief that ‘boys will be boys’ is exceedingly dangerous in adults. It is an attitude that starts in childhood, and that if it goes uncorrected, it is very dangerous, such as what we have here. It is time we taught our children how to play, rather than let them engage by themselves without guidance. This is a preventative measure.
My wife is going to pull my son out of public school in favor of homeschooling for precisely this reason; that the playground is going unfettered. Children might have the imagination required for play, but too often guardians have made excuses for boys dangerously saying, “Boys will be boys.” Without correction, that attitude is sometimes carried into adulthood, and I think that is what happened here.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Higgs Boson or God or Both?

Scientists have discovered - evolution explains our origins, gravity explains why apples drop, solubility explains salt water and so on. Yet, scientists can't explain why particles exist. Science tells us about the Higgs boson, which some people call the "God particle," but why does there need to be this particle? There are answers to that question, but what about this one: why is there existence in the first place? Science can often tell us about the cosmos, and science may even say, "There is a cosmos because there is a Higgs boson," but why does the cosmos require the Higgs boson? The faithful say; it was G-d, yet under scrutiny the answers of science, religion, and history are full of empty answers. For instance, the faithful can't tell us why is there Gd in the first place. In all disciplines, one "why?" leads to another "why?" ad infinitum until we are forced to contemplate the absurdities of this world, such as why Hashem gave the Jews Torah, or why Allah gave Muslims a Qu'ran, etc.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

President Barack Obama - One of the Best!

It has begun to bother me when people come up with legitimate reasons as to why they don’t like the Obama administration. Huh? Why? In short; it is because those sorts of beliefs are not in touch with realistic expectations because they are just as jaded as the people who hate him because of his skin color, or that he is a successful democrat. We should rejoice over the good, and not expect perfection. Surely, no human president is going to have perfect marks in every category! Some people focus on the bad, and I want to tell everyone, that kind of negativity is not healthy, as there is always going to be some residual bad. It is better to choose to rejoice over the good, rather than boil over imperfection.

Monday, October 27, 2014