Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sales of Decadent Sugary Foods Isn't Sustainable

Recently, I encountered the stats that within a generation’s time 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes, and that consequently life expectancy will likely plummet.  This diabetes threat is real.  It could happen, especially given the prevalence of foods with added sugar at the average American grocery store.  

Greedy capitalists have placed faith in idols.  They have no fear, for as Judaism puts it, “They say God does not avenge.”  They are fearlessly profiting by getting us hooked on added sugar, where sugar should be regarded as a dangerous drug.

We don’t want to sustain capitalism's greed.  It is flawed and outdated, and it must pass.  Transition to the new system probably won’t be easy.  This will likely present difficult times at first, which may be likened to birthing pains, where the end result will be an awesome and wonderful creation.

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